Inglés I. (Un programa para trabajar vocabulario)

Domingo 23 de marzo de 2008
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Inglés I. Un programa para trabajar vocabulario entorno a los siguientes núcleos temáticos:

* The living room

* The hospital

* Professions

* Communication

* Then bedroom

* The bathroom

* Drink

* Sport

* Tools

* Time

* Transports

* The family

* The body

* Education

* Office

* Shops

* The animals

* The city

Autoría: Santos Software


Sistema operativo: Windows 95/98/NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista


- Educación Primaria

Idioma: Castellano.

Tipo: Gratuito.

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Jueves 15 de marzo de 2012 à 22h55

The Modern Age

Historically known as a stage in which history is traditionally divided, ranging from the taking of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. Other historians take as their starting date Thenin 1492 the discovery of America, or the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

In this period are the invention of printing, the great geographical discoveries and the discovery of America, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counter Policy etc.

As the years passed, the cities were growing, and that is how during the medieval period, and in the fifteenth century, Europe had a major urban development.

Also with the growth of cities was a change in the economic system: the feudal economy gave way to the first signs of the capitalist system.

Obviously Mediterranean business development and growth of industrial activity were exploited by the bourgeoisie, the social class that was growing along with the cities.

Respectively all this activity led to the need to seek new lands where they get the raw materials needed to manufacture the products. In addition, it meant the opening of new markets where to sell.

During this time the Mediterranean trade was blockaded by the Turks, and all progress with navigation techniques, prompted the fifteenth century men overseas explorations.

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